Dubai Aquarium

Dubai has many attractions; there is the fascinating Dubai Frame.

The Dubai Safari Park exhilarates animal and wildlife lovers, but there’s more too!

If aquatic life appeals to you, there is one place you shouldn’t miss: the Dubai Aquarium!

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. 

It is a massive underwater zoo housing over 140 species of marine life, including sharks, rays, and hundreds of other aquatic animals. 

The aquarium offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating sea creatures.

Visitors can explore the aquarium through a 48-meter-long tunnel running through the aquarium’s main tank. 

It provides an immersive marine life experience and a unique opportunity to observe the animals from different angles.

In addition to the aquarium, the Dubai Mall also has an Underwater Zoo that offers a chance to see penguins, otters, and crocodiles up close. 

It also provides an interactive experience where visitors can feed and swim with sharks and rays.

Dubai Aquarium is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting Dubai, especially those interested in marine life and wanting a unique and thrilling experience.

In this article, we will explore all you need to know about Dubai Aquarium, including how to get there, ticket prices, and the different activities and experiences.

Things to do at Dubai Aquarium 

Dubai Aquarium offers a range of exciting activities for visitors to experience. 

Here are some things to do:

Walk Through the Aquarium Tunnel 

The aquarium tunnel is a must-visit at Dubai Aquarium. 

It allows you to walk through a 48-meter-long tunnel with over 33,000 marine animals swimming above and around you. 

The breathtaking views of sharks, rays and various colorful fishes will mesmerize you!

Cage Snorkeling

If you want to have a closer look at marine life, then cage snorkeling is the perfect experience for you. 

You can snorkel in the safety of a cage surrounded by thousands of aquatic creatures. 

You don’t need any prior experience for this activity, as a trained guide will assist you throughout the experience.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

You can take a glass-bottom boat ride to get a unique view of marine life above the water. 

The boat has a transparent bottom,  allowing you to see the marine animals swimming beneath you. 

It is an excellent activity for kids and families.

Underwater Observatory

The underwater observatory is a fantastic opportunity to glimpse the aquarium’s marine life without getting wet. 

The observatory is in the mall, and visitors can view different types of sea creatures, including sharks and rays, from inside the observatory.

Behind-The-Scenes Tour

For a more immersive experience, you can take a behind-the-scenes aquarium tour. 

The tour will take you through the aquarium’s facilities, where you can learn about marine life’s daily operations and care.


Image: Insydo.com

Dubai Aquarium offers a unique virtual reality experience called the VRZOO. 

You can immerse yourself in virtual reality and interact with animals like never before. 

This is an excellent option for families and kids wishing to explore wildlife.

Feeding Sessions

Witness the aquarium staff feed the marine creatures and learn their feeding habits and behaviors. 

You can also participate in the feeding sessions and feed the rays and sharks with a trained guide.

How to Reach Dubai Aquarium 

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, it is easily accessible through various modes of transportation.

By Metro:

By Metro
Image: Insydo.com

The Dubai Mall is directly connected to the Dubai Mall metro station on the Red Line. 

From there, you can either take the air-conditioned walkway or hop onto the free shuttle bus service provided by the mall that will take you to the mall’s entrance.

By Car:

If you’re driving to the Dubai Mall, numerous parking options are available at the mall itself. 

The Dubai Mall has a multi-level car park that can accommodate up to 14,000 vehicles, with valet parking services also available.

By Taxi:

Taxis are a popular mode of transportation in Dubai, and you can easily find a taxi from anywhere in the city to take you to the Dubai Mall.

By Bus:

The Dubai Mall is well-connected by bus services, with several buses passing through the area. 

You can use the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) public transport app or website to plan your route and check for bus schedules.

By Tourist Bus:

If you’re a tourist in Dubai, various tourist bus services offer hop-on-hop-off services and stop at the Dubai Mall.

You can take a tourist bus to the Dubai Aquarium; it is relatively easy, and you can choose the transportation that suits your needs and preferences.  

Ticket options for Dubai Aquarium 

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Day Ticket is the ultimate treat for aquatic enthusiasts.

With a price of AED 150, you can explore the world’s largest suspended aquarium and its incredible marine life creatures, including over 140 species of aquatic animals.


Adult ( ages 2 – 99) AED 150

The ticket is valid for a full day and gives you access to all the popular attractions in the aquarium, such as the underwater zoo, the tunnel aquarium, and the touch tank.

You can also witness the feeding sessions of the animals and enjoy some exciting shark dives.

In addition to the fantastic aquatic experiences, the ticket also has exclusive discounts on various shopping and dining outlets in the aquarium. 

So you can enjoy delicious food and grab souvenirs to remember your visit.

Overall, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Day Ticket is a must-buy for anyone visiting Dubai, as it offers an incredible and unforgettable experience for people of all ages. 

So, use this fantastic opportunity to explore the underwater world and create special memories.

Dubai: Aquarium & Burj Khalifa Level 124 or 125 Combo Ticket

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of the deep sea with breathtaking views from the tallest building in the world, we have the perfect package for you:

The Aquarium & Burj Khalifa Level 124 or 125 Combo Ticket.

With this ticket, you’ll have access to two of Dubai’s most iconic attractions, starting with a journey to the ocean’s depths at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. 

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing aquatic world as you stroll through a 48-meter-long tunnel home to over 33,000 marine animals, including the world’s largest collection of sand tiger sharks. 

You’ll also get the chance to witness a feeding frenzy at the shark feeding encounter and marvel at the colorful marine life at the underwater zoo.

After your marine adventure, it’s time to soar to new heights at the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. 

Take a high-speed elevator to the 124th or 125th floor and be prepared to be blown away by the stunning panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline and the Arabian Gulf. 

Capture unforgettable moments as you step onto the outdoor observation deck, which offers unobstructed 360-degree city views.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor to Dubai or a returning traveler, this combo ticket provides the perfect blend of adventure, awe, and excitement. 

Plus, you’ll save money by purchasing both tickets together.

Explore Dubai’s world-famous aquarium and experience the exhilarating views from the Burj Khalifa’s observation deck. 

Book your Aquarium & Burj Khalifa Level 124 or 125 Combo Ticket today and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!


Adult ( ages 12 – 99) Children ( ages 3 – 11)
AED 246AED 211

Children under 2 years of age enter free of charge.

Benefits of buying online tickets for Dubai Aquarium

Buying online tickets for Dubai Aquarium can be a great way to enhance your experience and make your visit more enjoyable. 

Here are some benefits of buying online tickets:

Save time

Buying online tickets can help you avoid the long queues and waiting times at the ticket counter and save time. 

This way, you can spend more time exploring the aquarium and waiting less in line.


Online tickets can be purchased anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

You don’t have to visit the aquarium or any other ticket outlet to buy the tickets, making it highly convenient.

Easy access

With online tickets, you get easy access to the aquarium, as you can present the digital ticket on your phone or print it out and walk straight in without any hassle.

Discounted rates

Many aquariums offer discounted rates for online tickets so that you can save money on admission fees. 

You can also find various combo deals and packages that save you even more.


Online tickets offer flexibility in terms of date and time. 

You can choose the date and time of your visit at your convenience and avoid the rush hour crowds.

Avoid disappointment

By purchasing online tickets in advance, you can avoid disappointment, as you will be assured of a spot at the aquarium on the day and time of your choice.

Secure payment

Online ticketing systems offer secure payment options, so you don’t have to worry about your personal and financial information being compromised.

Overall, buying online tickets for Dubai Aquarium can be a convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective way to enhance your aquarium experience. 

So, don’t wait; book your online tickets today and dive into a mesmerizing underwater world.

Who should buy Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Day tickets?

Are you ready for an underwater adventure like no other? 

Then look no further than the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo! 

But who should buy a day ticket to this incredible attraction? 

Let us break it down for you:

Animal lovers

If you’re passionate about marine life, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the perfect destination. 

You’ll see various aquatic creatures up close and personal, including sharks, rays, and crocodiles!


Looking for a fun day out with the kids? 

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a fantastic choice. 

Your little ones will be mesmerized by the incredible underwater world, and there are plenty of interactive exhibits and educational experiences to keep them entertained.


If you love a good adrenaline rush, then the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo are worth a visit. 

You can ride on the aquarium’s glass-bottom boat and get a unique view of the underwater world, or even try scuba diving with the sharks!

Nature enthusiasts

Dubai may be known for its glitz and glamor, but it’s also home to some stunning natural wonders. 

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a prime example, with its incredible collection of marine life and coral reefs. 

If you’re someone who loves exploring the great outdoors, then this attraction is a must-see.


Finally, if you’re visiting Dubai and want to experience everything the city offers, a day ticket to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a great choice. 

It’s one of the city’s most popular attractions, and for a good reason – it’s a truly unforgettable experience you won’t want to miss.

So, whether you’re an animal lover, a thrill-seeker, or just looking for a fun day out with the family, the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo has something for everyone. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure!

Note: An adult must accompany children under 16 years of age.

Where to buy Dubai Aquarium tickets?

The easiest and most convenient way to buy tickets is to purchase them online.

You can buy your tickets just by clicking here, selecting your preferred date, and purchasing your tickets using a credit or debit card. 

After your purchase, you’ll get your tickets via email.

This option also allows you to avoid long queues and save time on the day of your visit.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Timings

The timings of Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo vary depending on the day of the week and the time of year.

However, here is some general information about the timings:

Sunday to Wednesday: 10 am to 10 pm
Thursday to Saturday: 10 am to 12 am (midnight)

Final Thoughts 

Is it worth buying the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo Day tickets? Absolutely!

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is a must-visit destination for an unforgettable adventure. 

With its incredible collection of marine life, interactive exhibits, and thrilling experiences, it’s no wonder this attraction is one of the most popular in the city.

From families with kids to nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers, there’s something for everyone at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. 

You can ride on the aquarium’s glass-bottom boat, get up close and personal with sharks, or even try scuba diving. 

And for those who want to admire the stunning underwater world, there are plenty of exhibits and displays to explore.

Not only is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo a fun and exciting attraction, but it’s also an educational one. 

Visitors can learn about marine conservation and the importance of protecting our oceans and the creatures that call them home. 

It’s an excellent opportunity to not only have fun but also to learn something new and important.

So, if you’re visiting Dubai or even a resident looking for a new adventure, purchasing a day ticket to the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is worth it. 

You’ll have a fantastic time exploring the underwater world, learning about marine life, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. 

These tickets will likely sell out quickly, so make sure to purchase your tickets now.

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience!

How big is the Dubai Aquarium?

The Dubai Aquarium is the largest suspended aquarium in the world. It is located at the Dubai Mall, home to over 33,000 marine animals from over 140 species.

How long does it take to visit the Dubai Aquarium?

You can probably do it in about 1-2 hours. However, if you want to take your time and read all of the information about the animals, you could easily spend 3-4 hours or more.

Is Dubai Aquarium worth it?

If you are interested in marine life and want to see various animals, then the Dubai Aquarium is a great option.

Featured Image: TheDubaiAquarium.com

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