Dubai Museum: A Complete Guide

Dubai Museum is a fascinating and immersive destination that brings to life the vibrant history and culture of Dubai. 

It lies in the oldest building in the city, the Al Fahidi Fort, which dates back to the 18th century.

It offers visitors a glimpse into the rich heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

As you step inside, you’ll go back in time to a bygone era, where you can explore various exhibits showcasing the traditional way of life of the Bedouin people.

Also, you will learn about the rise of the pearl industry and Dubai’s important role in the region’s trade and commerce.

One of the museum’s highlights is the impressive collection of artifacts, including traditional clothing, weaponry, and musical instruments.

These things provide a fascinating insight into those who lived here centuries ago. 

You can also walk through the recreated souk, where you can experience the hustle and bustle of a traditional market, complete with authentic sights, sounds, and smells.

Another must-see attraction is the underground section of the museum, where you can explore the fascinating archaeological discoveries unearthed in Dubai over the years.

In the underground section, you’ll discover ancient pottery, coins, and even a 4,000-year-old grave.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply looking for an engaging and educational way to spend an afternoon in Dubai, the Dubai Museum is a must-visit destination that will leave a lasting impression. 

So why not step back in time and discover this vibrant city’s rich heritage and culture?

How to reach Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood in Bur Dubai, just a short walk from the Al Fahidi Metro Station. 

Here are some different ways to reach the museum:

By Metro

Take the Green Line and get off at the Al Fahidi Metro Station. From there, it’s a 5-minute walk to the museum.

By Bus

Take bus numbers C7, C9, 8, 10, or 12 and get off at the Al Fahidi Historical District. The museum is a short walk from there.

By Taxi or Uber

Simply ask the driver to take you to the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Taxis are readily available in Dubai, and Uber is also widely used.

By Foot

If you’re staying nearby, you can also walk to the museum. It’s a great way to explore the historic neighborhood and soak up the local culture.

No matter how you choose to get there, the Dubai Museum is a must-visit destination that offers an immersive and educational experience of Dubai’s rich heritage and culture.

How far Dubai Museum from Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is in Zabeel Park in Dubai, while the Dubai Museum is in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood in Bur Dubai.

It is on the other side of the city. 

The distance between the two attractions is approximately 10 kilometers or 6.2 miles.

Depending on the traffic conditions, it may take around 15-25 minutes by taxi or car to travel between the two attractions.

Alternatively, you can take the Dubai Metro, which connects the two areas. 

You must take the Red Line from the Al Jafiliya Metro Station (near the Dubai Frame) to the BurJuman Metro Station.

And after that, transfer to the Green Line and get off at the Al Fahidi Metro Station (located near the Dubai Museum). 

This journey would take around 25-30 minutes.

Things to do at Dubai Museum 

Explore the history and culture of Dubai.

The Dubai Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Dubai, with exhibits and displays that showcase the city’s past, from the time of the Bedouins to the present day.

Walk through the Al Fahidi Fort

The Dubai Museum is in the Al Fahidi Fort, the oldest building in Dubai. 

You can walk through the fort and see how it was built to defend the city against invaders.

View the impressive collection of artifacts

The museum has an impressive collection of artifacts that give insight into the daily life of Dubai’s inhabitants in the past. 

You can see traditional clothing, weaponry, musical instruments, and more.

Visit the recreated souk

The museum has a recreated souk, allowing visitors to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a traditional Arab market. 

You can walk through the souk, interact with the merchants, get a feel for what it was like to shop in Dubai in the past.

Descend into the underground section

The museum has an underground section containing archaeological treasures, such as ancient pottery, coins, and even a 4,000-year-old grave. 

You can explore these artifacts and learn about Dubai’s past through these exhibits.

Take a guided tour

If you want to learn even more about the history and culture of Dubai, you can take a guided tour of the museum. 

The tour guides are knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter and can give you a deeper understanding of Dubai’s past.

Ticket options available for Dubai Museum 

Standard Admission

This ticket allows you to enter the museum and explore its exhibits and attractions at your own pace. 

It’s the most basic ticket option and usually has the lowest price.

It includes a walking tour, entrance to the Dubai Museum, and street food tasting.

The Walking Tour, Souks, Museum & Street Food ticket is available for purchase online. 

What’s included

Hotel pickup (If option is selected)Dubai Museum entrance
Coins Museum entranceTraditional Abra boat ride
Street food samplesTea and juices
Camel milk chocolate

How much does it cost

There are 6 ticket options.

Guided Tour in English

If you want a more in-depth and informative experience, you can take a guided museum tour. 

For Adults from age 4 and above : it costs AED 104.

Children under 3 go for free.

Don’t wait! Book your tickets now.

Guided Tour in English with Abra Ride

Abra Ride is a guided tour service that provides visitors with a unique way to explore the city of Dubai. 

The tour is conducted using traditional boats known as Abras, which are small water taxis that have been used for centuries to transport people and goods across Dubai Creek.

During the tour, visitors will get to experience the beauty and history of Dubai from a different perspective. 

The tour will take you along Dubai Creek, where you will see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, such as the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, and the Gold and Spice Souks.

For Adults from age 4 and above : it costs AED 125

Family offer

This is the biggest save for families with 10 members.

For one family with 10 members: it costs AED 468

It means you’re saving AED 58 per adult.

If this isn’t a jackpot, we don’t know what it is.

Family offer with Pickup, Abra ride and tasty food

For one family with 10 members: it costs AED 757

The tour is conducted by experienced and knowledgeable guides who will provide interesting insights into the city’s history, culture, and traditions. 

They will also point out important landmarks and answer any questions about the city.

Why are you still waiting? Go book your tickets now!

A knowledgeable tour guide will lead you through the exhibits and provide additional information and insights into Dubai’s history and culture.

Combo Ticket

The museum offers a combo ticket with admission to nearby attractions, such as the Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House and the Dubai Creek Dhow Cruise. 

This is an excellent option to explore more of Dubai’s cultural landmarks in one go.

Dubai Explorer Pass

The Dubai Explorer Pass is a digital pass that offers discounted access to over 20 attractions and experiences in Dubai, including the Dubai Museum. 

You can purchase a pass for a certain number of attractions (3, 4, 5, or 7) and then use it to gain entry to your chosen attractions over 60 days.

Final Thoughts 

Visiting Dubai Museum is a great way to immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture. 

With interactive displays, fascinating exhibits, and a stunning location in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, the museum is a must-see attraction for any visitor to Dubai. 

Follow our tips for getting there, buying tickets, and making the most of your visit, and you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience.

Unlock your journey through time and marvel at the panoramic views of Dubai with Dubai Frame tickets, granting you access to an extraordinary experience blending history and modernity in one iconic attraction.

What is Dubai Museum of the Future?

The Dubai Museum of the Future is an innovative institution that showcases cutting-edge ideas, technologies, and solutions shaping the future across various fields, offering an immersive experience for visitors to explore visionary advancements.

What is written in the Dubai Museum of Future?

1. The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it.

2. We might not live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.

3. The future does not wait. The future can be designed and built today.

Who designed the Museum of the Future in Dubai?

The Museum of the Future in Dubai was designed by architectural firm “Killa Design” in collaboration with structural engineering consultants “BuroHappold Engineering” and façade consultants “Front Inc.” The design concept was selected through an international competition that attracted entries from around the world.

How much time is needed for the Museum of Future Dubai

The average visit to the Museum of the Future in Dubai can range from 1 to 2 hours, depending on individual interest and engagement with the exhibits. However, the specific time spent may vary for each visitor.

Is Dubai Museum of the Future worth visiting

The Museum of the Future in Dubai is a stunning and innovative building that explores the future of technology, health, and sustainability. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just someone who loves to dream about the future, the museum is worth a visit.

Has the al fahidi fort become the Dubai Museum

Yes, the Al Fahidi Fort is now the Dubai Museum.

Featured Image: Alexman89 / pixabay

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